Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The new normal

As a rule, I don't get too candid in my posts because I just don't. But I must take this opportunity to introduce you to the new normal of life, the universe and everything. I really hope someone (anyone) would prove me wrong.

If you have a problem with a person, just say it stupid. No don't put up a smile on the face for the person and then go whacko behind their back and bitch it out. The occasional bitching may be one of the small guilty pleasures of life, but persistant serial bitching is just evil masquerading around with a hologram halo on the head. Hologram halo on evil head - the new normal.

If you have issues in the head, then call it and deal with it. Don't run away from yourself and be someone you were not meant to be. Don't break homes, don't break love. Don't break promises made to yourself, don't snuff the life out of your self respect. Gullibility and stupidity is not a good excuse for lack of humanity. Be what you are, and know what you are, and do not pretend to be someone else. At least that has a touch of dignity. Hollow caricature dolls - the new normal.

If you have taken a decision, stick to it stupid. Unless you are a butterfly with the intellectual capacity of a sock, take a fucking call and stick to it. Its not that easy you say! Well of course it isn't, but you have been blessed with the gift of human mind and strength, do not be in denial of these gifts. The whole world isn't out to get you, make a call and stand up for it. "Its hard" isn't a good excuse for being a butterfly. Sock butterflies - the new normal!

Question life, question facts, and learn before you snap. Understand the reasons, and stop being ignorant and gullible. Blind refusal to see facts or lack of inquisitiveness will make you ignorant, and, consequently stupid. Please don't be stupid. If you do not want to keep in touch with a person, then don't. But DO NOT tell the person during a forced chance conversation that "we ought to catch up, lets figure out a way." Unless you are from the stone age and a complete arse of a person, do not pretend to want to keep in touch in a glorious era where we need to come up with technology which will actively prevent this keeping in touch business. Must murder intelligence with stupidity - the new normal.

Find love and smile. God bless you my friend, keep the music within and without (just like the highness.) The occasional smile for a friend who cooks brilliant chicken, the occasion content from the most touching birthday lunch, and the occasional joy of getting a yummy cake smashed on the face. Love the moments - the new normal.

And no, the last point is not where you have to prove me wrong! 

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Akki... said...

Is this the 'normal' that you plan on diving into? or is this for people around you? and requesting them to get into this 'normal' ?